Home Decorating Photos

Home Decorating Photos

You spend days or weeks with planning and redecorating your home. You have chosen just the right shade of paint; picked out the exact sofa and chair or new comforter for your bed. The curtains are perfect. You put everything together but something is missing. The perfect art piece to hang over your sofa or over your bed; you know what you want but it is nowhere to be found. Home decorating can be both fun and frustrating. The solution is in creating that perfect work of art yourself. You say that you're not artistic? You can't even draw a straight line without a ruler? That's not a problem. If you can aim a camera and take a picture then you can create a work of art. Your new sofa or comforter has a beautiful floral design, snap a picture of it. Or you have an amazing flower garden that would compliment your new décor, snap a picture of it. Anything that you think would add the finishing touch to your room then take a picture and see for yourself how artistic you really are.

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Now that you have the photos you're wondering what to do with them. Do I just frame them? Not quite yet. Using Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop you can do amazing things with your photos. Cropping them is just the start. Imagine a single flower, flawless petals, and brilliant color and matches your comforter perfectly. It would make the ideal vocal point over your bed. But you hate the background of the photo or other flowers around your flawless one are wilted. With your photo software you can cut your single perfect flower and paste it to a solid background. For example you have a brilliant pink flower and you paste it to a black background. It pops right out at you. You can then change it to brush strokes or charcoal. You can also change the texture of the photo to canvas or crumpled paper. There is a large selection of textures; the choice is up to you. There are so many incredible techniques you can use. And the photos you can take are endless. Your home will become a gallery for your newfound artistic ability.